Connect Tech社製品

SMARC 2.0 Carrier

Interface1:2x USB 2.0 (exposed)¸ 2x USB 2.0 (Mini-PCIe)¸ 2x USB 3.0
Interface2:Feature Packed (HDMI¸ SATA¸ 2x MIPI CSI-2 Camera Interfaces)
Interface3:2x USB 3.0¸ 2x USB 2.0¸ 2x USB 2.0 to miniPCIe
form factor:Extremely Small Form Factor
電源電圧: +5V DC Input only (fine pitch¸ high current)
温度範囲: -40℃ to +85℃
ボードサイズ:105.8mm x 82.4mm


Interface1:2x USB 2.0
Interface3:1x microSD
電源電圧: +6V to +36V DC Input
温度範囲: -40℃ to +85℃
ボードサイズ:100mm x 57.5mm