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Mini PCI Express Serial

Interface1:PCI-Express x1 Lane or USB-2 Host Bus Interface
Interface2:2 ports individually isolated or non-
Interface3:Switchable RS-232/422/485
form factor:Bi-directional data speeds up to 20Mbps (optional) (RS-422/485)
Install:Port settings can be set up by sofware (on certain models)
温度範囲: -40℃ to +85℃
ボードサイズ:50.95 mm x 30 mm¸ Mini PCIe “Full”
その他仕様:Supports full duplex (4 wire)¸ half duplex (2 wire) with auto TxD echo cancellation modes in RS-422/485


Interface1:Mini PCI Express
Interface2:16 ADC input channels
form factor:500kSPS
Install:16-bit resolution
温度範囲: -40℃ to +85℃
ボードサイズ:50.95 mm x 30 mm¸ Mini PCIe “Full”

Mini PCIe Carrier

Interface1:1x USB 2.0, ADG077: 4-Port Hub, Oversize Mini PCIe Module, PCI-104 (Pass Through), SIM Socket, Type 1 or Type 2 PCIe/104
Interface2:PCIe/104 Compliant
Interface3:On-Board USB Switching
電源電圧:+5V (PCIe/104 Bus Supplied)
温度範囲:-40℃ to +85℃
ボードサイズ:95.885mm x 90.17mm


Interface1:External Battery input¸ External Interrupt input¸ Forward/Reverse and Wheeltick inputs for Automotive Dead Reckoning¸ TIMEPULSE output syncronized with GPS time grid
Interface2:Used in any Mini PCIe socket that supports USB
Install:Compatibility with Windows & Linux operating systems
温度範囲: -40℃ to +85℃
ボードサイズ:50.95 mm x 30 mm¸ Mini PCIe “Full”
その他仕様:Easily integrated into a wide array of new and existing systems

PCI-104 to Mini-PCIe Card Adapter

Interface2:Power is drawn from the PCI-104 Bus connector
Interface3:SIM card support
form factor:Half-Mini and Full-Mini PCIe cards supported
Install:Three mini-PCIe status LEDs
電源電圧: +5V No modules installed 50mA.1 module using peak power up to 2200mA
温度範囲: -40℃ to +85℃
ボードサイズ:90.2mm x 96mm
その他仕様:Optional PCI Express Mini-Card Specification Revision 2.0 which adds a DisplayPort connection

PCI/104-Express to Single/Dual Mini-PCIe (PCI Express Mini Card) Adapter

Interface1:PCIe/104 Type 1 or Type 2
Interface2:Mini-PCIe status LEDs
Interface3:SIM card support
Install:Power is drawn from the PCIe/104 bus connector
電源電圧:PC/104-Express Stack+5V from PCIe/104 or PCI/104 Express stack
温度範囲: -40℃ to +85℃
ボードサイズ:Length: 9.02 cm/3.55” Width: 9.6 cm/3.7″
その他仕様:USB client connectors for Mini-PCIe USB connections

PCIe/104 Quad Mini PCIe/mSATA

Interface1:Supports up to four Mini PCIe modules simultaneously
Interface2:Supports any Mini PCIe/mSATA product
Interface3:Maximum flexibility keeping the PCIe/104 stack small
温度範囲: -40℃ to +85℃
ボードサイズ:95.885mm x 90.17mm (3.775″ x 3.550″)¸ Fully PCIe/104 compliant

Mini PCIe GbE

Interface1:MPG101: Mini Tek 2mm 2×5 Right Angle¸ MPG102: Mini Tek 2mm 2×5 Vertical¸ MPG104: 2x Mini Tek 2mm 2×5 Vertical
Interface2:Ideal for adding extra Ethernet capabilities to any system with minimal increase in overall system size
Interface3:Used in any Mini PCIe socket that supports PCIe
form factor:Easily integrated into a wide array of new and existing systems
温度範囲: -40℃ to +85℃
ボードサイズ:50.95 mm x 30 mm¸ Mini PCIe “Full”
その他仕様:Compatibility with a large variety of popular operating systems